Chachadi Desai Wade Historical heritage of Our rich culture


Chachadi Desai Wade 
Historical heritage of
Our rich culture

During the Middle ages, we had the feudal system in vogue in most parts of our country. The rich landlords ruled over certain regions owing allegiance to their respective kings. Such land-owners or feudal masters lived in huge residential buildings with fort-like walls all around. These villas are called as ‘Wades’ in the popular Marathi tongue. The ‘Wades’ served as the administrative offices of the Samsthanas. 
The ‘Wade’ of Chachadi DESAIs in the Soudatti taluk of Belgaum district in Karnataka with its nine-hundred old legacy of rich traditions and heritages, is counted as the topper among the Samsthanas in this region. This ‘Wade’ ruled over its territory efficiently maintaining law and order intact and served as a welfare state. 

The then British government had given to this ‘Wade’ the ownership of 33 villages. Veerappa Nayaka was the early ruler of this ‘Wade’.  The ‘Wade’ owed its loyalty to the various kings successively and retained its internal sovereignty under Viajyanagara kings, Adilshis and the Kittur king. 
The marriage-ties of the Desai families with Mallasarja Desai of Kittur made the Desais independent rulers. 

The Desais developed good relations with the Marathas and opposed the East India Company’s ill-treatments openly and daringly. The British government later on endowed on these rulers the titles of ‘Rao Bahaddur’, ‘Sardar’ and appointed as Hon. Judge. The rule of Sardar V.G. Desai was the golden period of the Chachadi Samsthana. He cared his people and initiated the welfare measures. People were happy. Collector Rao Bahaddur Aratal Rudragouda’s guidance, and Desagati’s chief executive officer Narasimhacharya Punekar’s efficient administrative services and the Jangama seers’ blessings made this Samsthana a happy and plentifully rich abode.  

Sardar V.G. Desai who headed the ‘Wade’, earlier was a philanthropist and had made significant achievements in social, religious, political, administrative, educational and literary fields. This multi-faceted personality had made yeoman contributions to K.L.E.Society as its vice-chairman and chairman. He had striven hard to make Chachadi an ideal village. 

The founder of Chachadi ‘Wade’ or Chachadi Desagati is said to have killed a black tiger when summoned to take part in a trial of strength by the Nawab of Savanur and wore the title ‘Karehuli Bhaleraya’ (Killer of black tiger). The Chachadi Desagati saw many ups and downs but the successors sustained its glory and grandeur all along. 

Sardar Veerbhadrappa Gunappa had given this ‘Wade’ a new life in the changed circumstances and the ‘Wade’ even today enjoys its influence in the region. Born on 30th August, 1882, V.G. Desai faced a series of difficulties and obstacles and could not even get proper schooling. But this self-made person succeeded in heading the ‘Wade’ and re-modeled its administration and made it regain its glory and grandeur. The British government appointed him as an Hon. Magistrate. He had established a court-hall in the ‘Wade’ and we can even now see its remains. He encouraged female education and built a primary school for girls in 1904. He started an agricultural training school for the rural youths.
The grandson of Veerbhadrappa Desai Srimant Nagaraj Ishprabhu Nayak Desai who now leads the ‘Wade’ has been serving the people through Sardar V.G. Desai Foundation. The government should make provisions for the re-writing of the histories of such ‘Wades’ for the benefit of the public. 

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